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Rabbit in the Moon by Deborah Schlian

Deborah Schlian is an author with multiple award-winning books. She came to speak about her book Rabbit in the Moon on October 27th. Rabbit in the Moon is a novel that is hard to sort into a single genre. It is called a thriller but also fits into other genres.T he title of the book Rabbit in the Moon came from a Chinese folktale. Her husband Joel was also at the event taking part in the presentation as the co-writer of the novel. This is their third novel together and it won the Gold Medal for the Florida Book Award.

They began by showing a slideshow with moments of their travels in China while giving stories of their experiences between the pictures. The slideshow focused on the history of Hong Kong and the protests happening there now. One of the things they shared is that some of the inspiration for two of the characters came from two Chinese students who stayed with them. They also shared that some of the inspiration for two of the characters came from two Chinese students who stayed with them. While explaining the book, they showed how their experiences in China influenced their writing. Within the book, there was a strong sense of Chinese history, both politically and geographically.

The book was available to purchase at a discounted price because she herself is a member of the Friends of the Boca Raton Public Library. At the end of the presentation, she offered to autograph any books, both purchased at the event and brought from home to the event. The audience had a lot of people who had already rea the book and enjoyed it immensely. When she was signing books, those audience members shared with her that her presentation had increased their enjoyment of the book. Many people stayed behind to talk to Deborah, asking her questions and complimenting her speech and novel. There were also people asking to take pictures with her as well.

Deborah shared that the edition currently published was not the original. The novel was republished with an added list of names and definitions, as well as a pronunciation guide for the Chinese words. She also talked about her writing techniques, writing style, and her methods while writing the novel. She was always interested in fiction writing, creating poems and plays since she was in grade school. Although she loved writing novels, her career path veered toward science, working as a physician along with her husband. Though she did write during that time, she wrote nonfiction. Some examples are clinical research papers, books on medical management and policy as well as mentoring guides for women in medicine and management. Deborah liked doing the event because it provided the opportunity to share the novel and the various issues that worked as inspiration.

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