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War Time with David Lapinsohn

David Lapinsohn is a Civil War historian. He came to the Spanish River Library on Mar. 17, to share his extensive knowledge on America’s deadliest war. The 37 attendees of this installment of the Friends of the Library Speaker Series, listened to the intriguing information of his hour-long talk.

Wars are part of our history. They affected the fabric of our nation and many of our own family histories. A nation that was once united was separated into Union and Confederacy during the years of 1861-1865.

Lapinsohn, who has personally researched the Civil War for years, gave the audience little known facts about this period in the country. He gave background information on the weapons used in the war, specific battles, and the key players. These key players included Presidents Lincoln and Buchanan, and Generals Ulysses Grant and Stonewall Jackson.

Lapinsohn encouraged the audience to visit the battle grounds, watch documentaries like, “The Civil War” by Ken Burns, as well as read books and go to more lectures. That is how he acquired his knowledge on the topic.

Learning about this time in history can help us understand the society we live in today. We cannot understand the wars of today without knowing about the wars of the past. This was a difficult time for the country. David Lapinsohn is helping to make sure it is not forgotten.

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