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Sonny and Perley have All That Jazz

Sonny and Perley are a jazz duo who have been traveling around the country for decades. On March 3rd, they brought their own multilingual jazz style to the downtown Boca Raton Public Library.

In their show, the husband and wife team of Sonny Daye and Perley Rousseau played jazz classics from the American Songbook. Traditionally the American Songbook includes songs by classic American composers like George Gershwin and Cole Porter.

However, two songs into the show they explained that they were including tunes from the South American Songbook as well. Perley described her love for the Brazilian style of jazz, called Bossa Nova.

One song they performed was called, “Slow Hot Wind.” Sonny played the piano while Perley sang. She also played maracas and other percussion handheld instruments during the Bossa Nova songs. One of these songs was “Waters of March,” which was recorded by Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’77 on their album Vintage 74.

They also played a classic jazz song called, “Frim Fram Sauce.” This song was popularized by Nat King Cole. In the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong version of this song the trumpet is played. Neither of the duo play the trumpet, so Perley started scatting, mimicking the sound of a trumpet. It was an unexpected twist to the song.

The crowd of 155 people were swept away by the serene sounds of Sonny and Perley. Their mix of different jazz sounds lent to an interesting and entertaining show.

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