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Preservation Road

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Preservation Road came to the Boca Raton Public Library to perform on November 3rd. Preservation Road is a band of four members that have played with different artists like the Beach Boys and Sara McLaughlin. The band came into existence because they were all members of a band called 33 Years, though they were all in at different times. They connected over the fact that they were former members of that group. The amount of people that came to see their performance was definitely a change for them, usually having around fifty people that followed their events, but their performance for the Friends of the Boca Raton Public Library, it was a full house.

The songs they played caused the audience to sing along, clapping to the beat. Throughout the show, the audience was tapping their feet and getting out of their chairs to dance along. Preservation Road loved the interactions between them and the audience as well as the reactions to each song they played. They also took requests from the audience in addition to the planned songs. They played songs from artists like Elvis, the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. After their performance, they stayed behind and people went up to ask them questions. Their sold-out show was definitely an amazing time and a fun experience.

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