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Florida Writers Display

Updated: Mar 27, 2019


FLORIDIANS: We are great at basically everything. We are resilient when it comes to handling the intense humidity (and not letting it ruin our hair). We can make any swim suit a year-round fashion staple. And yes, we know what it's like to come face-to-face with beasts of nature (alligators, need I say more?)

Did I mention that some Floridians have greatly contributed their talents toward exemplary works of literature?

Speaking of Florida Writers, Sandy Creighton, Linda Goltzer, and Renee Sass, volunteers for the Friends, have gathered various titles to showcase the wonderful work of fellow Floridians. They were kind enough to answer a couple of questions regarding the Florida Writers Display:

Q: Can you name a few of the writers that are currently on display?

A: A few of the popular authors are: James Patterson, Jimmy Buffet, Judy Blume, James Grippano, Carl Hiasson, Stuart Woods, and Patrick Smith.


Q: Do you have a favorite author/title? If so, why?

A: "A Land Remembered" by Patrick Smith is a favorite of volunteer, Sandy Creighton.

This book was suggested by Sandy's granddaughter's boyfriend years ago. It was required reading at his school in Ponte Verda Beach. Sandy's husband doesn’t usually read fiction, but made an exception for this book. He liked it so much they have two copies - on copy that they loan out and one hard copy to keep for themselves. Sandy laughed out loud and cried while reading it. Anyone who wants to know about the pioneer history and natural world of old Florida, this book is for them.


Q: How do you think living in Florida has influenced these selected writers?

A: Many of the authors have used various Florida locations and topography in their books. Also, the diversity and culture of these locations are reflected in many of their writings.


Q: What is one thing you hope locals can take away from this showcase?

A: The recognition that many of their favorite authors reside throughout the state. There are over 75 authors residing in the state of Florida


Good news? Each and every one of the titles you see above are FOR SALE at a LOW PRICE! So, if you want to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring stories of Floridian literature, support your local bookstore, AND give your wallet a break, come on by and pick up your next adventure!


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