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Do you want to build a series collection?

You can start this summer!

Do you want to build a series to add to your bookshelves? What better way than to buy books at a book sale like the Boca Friends! Above you will see my J.D. Robb (nee Nora Roberts) collection (most of which I purchased through the Friends' online store in 2020). These books are generally not found at a bookstore once their season for sale has passed. They are equally difficult to find online at such a bargain price. The other day I was looking for one in the series and a certain online bookstore had the hardcover priced at $109! I have never paid more than $5.00 for the ones I already have in my collection. Collections are the best. Especially if it’s a series you can pick up and binge your way through. I have also collected a middle-grade series in the same fun and adventurous way because you never know what jewels you may find. I have made it a sport. I like to take a picture of those I have already and keep it in my favorites folder on my phone. Inevitably, while passing a bargain book sale, I might find that one book I was missing that was $109 somewhere else. Give it a try. I hear over social media that books create two hobbies: one, reading; the other, collecting. And really, both are equally enjoyable. I hope you all are having an amazing summer. Happy reading!

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