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"Christmas in July" Sale

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Our bookstore in the lobby of the downtown Boca Raton Public Library is having a "Christmas in July" sale through this Saturday. Be sure to stop for this and other great ongoing sales on popular books! The bookstore sells used books on every subject, including biographies and non-fiction historical books to fiction genres of mysteries, fantasies, drama, and romance. We have many humor, travel, science and art books as well. One of the best ways to spend the summer is by reading some amazing books.

A wide range of children and teen readings can be found on our own bookshelves as well. Allow your kids to let their creativity run free with the opportunity to read throughout the summer.

These are hard to pass deals! The perfect gift for bookworms or hanging out with friends.

The theme of this year's Summer Reading is "A Universe of Stories." The Bookstore has provided books about space, the universe and other stories. Educational books and fictional stories are popular. Want to impress your friends? Give them some facts about the galaxy!

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