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Beyond Reading: Non-Book Finds at Your Local Library or Bookstore

When we think of libraries and bookstores, we naturally envision shelves lined with books. However, these spaces are treasure troves of more than just literature. They often offer an array of unique, non-book items that cater to a diverse set of interests. Let's delve into the delightful world of non-book finds you can discover at your local library or bookstore.

1. Writing Supplies and Stationery

For those who find solace in putting pen to paper, libraries and bookstores offer a range of writing supplies. High-quality pens, notebooks, and specialty paper can turn any writing session into a joyous endeavor.

2. Artisanal Bookmarks and Book Accessories

For those who cherish the tactile experience of reading a physical book, artisanal bookmarks are a wonderful addition. Crafted with care, these bookmarks not only hold your page but also serve as keepsakes. Signing up for Friends of the Boca Raton Public Library membership could win you a Friends journal!

3. Bookish Apparel and Merchandise

Express your love for literature with book-themed apparel and merchandise. T-shirts, tote bags, and mugs adorned with quotes and artwork from beloved books allow you to wear your heart on your sleeve.

4. Local Art and Handmade Crafts

Supporting local artists and crafters is a wonderful way to contribute to the community. Libraries and bookstores often showcase handmade jewelry, paintings, and other crafts, allowing you to take home a piece of local talent.

5. Puzzles and Games

Many libraries and bookstores stock a selection of educational toys and games. From brain-boosting puzzles to interactive STEM kits, these items make learning a playful adventure. Drop by the Friends of the Boca Raton Public Library Bookstore to find your next favorite puzzle!

The next time you step into your local library or bookstore, don't rush past the shelves in pursuit of your next read. Take a moment to explore the wealth of non-book treasures awaiting discovery. Whether it's a beautifully crafted bookmark or a landscape , these finds add an extra layer of magic to the world of books. Embrace the opportunity to enrich your reading experience with these delightful non-book items.

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