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Anyone Can Be President!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

In November, Abraham Lincoln visited the Spanish River Library as part of the Betty Grinnan Friends of the Library Program for American History. In addition to Abraham Lincoln speaking to members of the Friends of the Boca Library, he also met with homeschool parents and students!

Abe Lincoln, presented by Dennis Boggs, spent the first hour interacting with the students. He talked in-depth about his life and made sure to answer any questions the children had. It was heartening to see the students have so much fun learning about and talking to Lincoln.

Mr. Lincoln revealed to the students that he was also homeschooled! Not only did he learn from home, but he also taught himself law through lots of reading and research. Abe Lincoln explained that a good education is what allowed him to achieve what he had. He then invited one of the students up onto the stage with him and explained that with a good education, anyone could be president of the United States, including the boy who stood up there with him. It was a message that was inspiring to everyone.

Come join us for future homeschool events in Spring 2020! Check back on our blog and our website for more information or sign up for our email list to be notified about our upcoming events. See you there!

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Aladin Best

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