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"X" Marks the Deal

By Briana Soto

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Daily Deals or Daily Steals? One of our hidden gems is the Daily Deals cart, where each and every book marked with a distinctive "X" on the bottom of its spine is only $1! Our prices are a bang for your buck--literally.

I was able to speak with the mastermind behind the Daily Deals cart, Madeline, to learn more about its behind the scenes process:

Q: Madeline, what genre of books can you find on the Daily Deals cart?

M: "Only non-fiction" [i.e. cookbooks, sports, politics, self-help, etc.]

Q: And why are these particular books placed on the Daily Deals cart?

M: "The reason is because they have been in the store for too long, so we reduce the price...[Ultimately] it's the last way to get the book into someone's hands to enjoy it."

Q: How often do you update the book selection on the cart?

M: "Every week!"

Where you can find the "X"

If you want to check out our Daily Deals, come on in, there's something for everyone!




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