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Staff Picks for August: Writers and Lovers by Lily King (a review)

Writers and Lovers secured my membership into the Lily King fan club. The titular character Casey is grappling with her mother's death while contending with her messy life. She is trying to find her way out of a dark room, and she stumbles and hits her knees on things, but waiting for her to find that light switch is a great ride.

Casey is a vulnerable and lost woman in her '30s who is pursuing a life different than her own. She is a writer, trying to finish a novel, and creative pursuits are not for the faint-hearted. In finding out who she is at her core and how she can live free from judgment, she finds herself in a love triangle. The two men add fire and ice to her world and it leads to more hesitancy. And truly, this story is about the uncomfortable (but necessary) changes we confront in life; it's about facing huge seismic shifts and digging deep in order to conquer the change with grace. If you're looking for a distinct, older coming-of-age story, you have found it with this read.

Lily King's writing is smooth, conveys images so well, and her character-driven style felt like I was reading a timeless, hippie classic. I truly loved this book. You can order Writers and Lovers through our bookstore website. (Press on the link to order.)

Happy reading, everyone. I hope everyone is staying safe and sound during these trying times.

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