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Homeschool Students in Nature

On February 12th, Wednesday, the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center will be hosting a workshop for your homeschool students!

The workshop topic for February is “For the Love of Birds,” and students will be taken out into nature for their lessons which will include fun, scientific activities.

The workshops will be split into the following age groups:

Ages 3-5

Workshop will be from 2-3pm

(Parents are required to stay with their child during the lesson.)

Ages 6-8

Workshop will be from 2-3:30pm

Ages 9-12

Workshop will be from 2-3:30pm

Cost per child for all age groups: Resident/Member $5, Non-resident/Non-member $8, Sibling resident/member $3, Sibling non-resident/non-member $6

Follow the links provided above to register for these nature-based workshops!

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