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Black Friday Sale (and Saturday too!)

As a continuation from my last post...

Above is just a small sampling of the books yours truly will donate on Friday morning. And there's a sale!! See below for details and it looks like most qualify except for The Cook's Companion and the October nonfiction release, Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol. This title provides great stories and details like, "what makes speakeasies so sexy? Or, how did the flute and champagne first mingle and change the way we drink it forever? It's a fun one. I hope you will come down on Friday and Saturday to see everything we have to offer. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

For these two days enjoy buy-one-get-one free on ALL fiction books and puzzles! (*classics are excluded) This sale includes fiction, mass-market fiction, young adults, children, holiday fiction, current reads and a fan favorite... PUZZLES!

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