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Humor Alert: New Books You’ll Find in a Library

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

As society changes so rapidly through modern times, so does the knowledge base one must have in order to properly function. And as the knowledge base changes, so will the very books which serve to educate our population. With that said, here are the titles of books I believe should/will be found in the library for that higher purpose:

Remember Bread? 

Everyone is Gluten-Free

How to Make Bread After Everyone Went Gluten-Free for 20 Years and Forgot How to Make It


Tiny Robots Are Inside You

Are You a Robot and Don’t Know It?


Books for Dummies

What Is Paper, Anyway?

If You’re Reading This, Your Local Library Hasn’t Been Demolished Yet (unless you’re on a desert island and this, of all objects, floated to you from a distant land)

How to Alphabetize Without a Computer

How to Find Ice Cream Without Siri

Are You Completely and Utterly Lost Without Technology? Here’s How to Express Your Anger Without Emojis

Taxes (though it is the year 2020, still no one knows how to do taxes)

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